Love Is All You Need!

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February 15, 2019
Love Is All You Need!
It is a core belief of mine that love makes the world go round, and I would like to think that it is a postive and healthy thing.
For me, love gives me a sense of purpose, whether I am working or I am creating. I am not saying I love all my patients, but I do love to care for others and that gives me a sense of purpose.
Obviously, I love my family, friends and pets but early on in life, I learned that I would have to do a job that would bring me fulfilment if I was ever going to last working for the next 30 years!
Nursing has always given me a sense of purpose and it also correlates with one of my core values that not everyone can help themselves, or be independent of needing help some time in their lives.
When I ask myself, why do I like crafting and why do I want to make cards, then I realise that card making is really an extension of expressing love for myself and for others.
Crafting and cardmaking allows me to switch off from work and allows me to touch, feel and play with colour and mediums.
I used to love art and sewing at school. More than cookery actually, haha. I had to cook when I lived with my parents so that took the excitement off that one!
Good mental health practice, is to connect with what makes you happy and correlate that connection with what some of your core beliefs may be.
Hoping todays post gives you a chance to reflect on you and recognise what makes you happy.

Hugs, Cheryl :)
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