Sunday, January 12, 2020

Creativation 2020

Happy New year to you!

So far this year, so many people seem more positive. Quotes like "its a new decade", "time for 20/20 vision" and "new year, new opportunities" have been reflected back to me.
It's nice to have positivity around you. As I have matured, I am more cognizant that the group of people I regularly connect with are positive, kind and supportive people. One wonders if maturity also brings with it insight and self respect. Wow, going deep there!!
Either way, so far 2020 has been very, very cold but super positive, and what better way to start than attending Creativation in Phoenix again.
This will be my fourth year of attendance. Hopefully flight delays will be at a minimum. I think it was last year, flight delays were so bad, I ended up having to be put up in a hotel overnight by the airline.
I'm attending Creativation for two days this time, not three. I have a super busy schedule on Friday. My flight leaves at 7am (I hope!) . It should get me into Phoenix by 10.30. My first class with Altenew is at 12.30pm and my next class with Gina K is 3.30pm. Then,  I have a designer dinner to attend at 7pm. This will be my first time and I'm not sure I will know a lot of people, so super intimidated by that!
I plan to take pics of some of my favourite peeps and new crafty goodies being released this yea, so keep an eye out on my instagram @linkcraftycards

Chat soon guys :)

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