Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Fun Santa by My Favourite Things

Who doesn’t love a fun Santa? This guy is from a classic stamp set called Jingle All The Way by My Favorite Things

This stamp has been a long standing staple in my stash and I know you guys will understand why. This collection was made for a group of friends we miss who live in the UK and I wanted to make cards that were really cheerful and fun. 

Christmas is only two days away and today we would have been at a traditional party at our Newfoundand friends home as its Tibs Eve. This is a tradition in Newfoundland as the day to get drunk and celebrate Christmas with all your friends, before having to spend all of your time with your family. Apparently, it is a sacred practice, and you don't miss Tib's eve lightly! hahahaha.

Well, we are missing all our friends this year as well as our family in the UK. This makes me sad but I also know it is the right thing to do to protect other people.

Happy holidays !


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