Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Spellbinders Platinum Cutting Machine

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As you know, I moved house this year and designed a whole new craft room. One of the new gadgets I purchased for my new room was the Spellbinders Platinum Cutting Machine. I had my eye on this after attending a couple of Creativation's. Primarily, why I decided to purchase it was because of the large platform footprint. Originally, I have been using my electronic die cutting machine. This was great, but I wanted to be able to cut several dies at once and I also see if the severe warping of the cutting plates was reduced. I should point out here, that this machine is the large platinum with 8.5" plates. Don't get it mixed up with the smaller version of this machine. They both look exactly the same, but the smaller one is the Platinum 6.

Interestingly, the electronic machine really helps with not having the manually crank the handle and have repetitive movements of the wrist and hands each time but, if I can cut more dies at a time with this machine, I would be reducing the repetitions.

What I have found is that the Spellbinders Platinum is remarkably sturdy! Apart from it being a beautiful machine in the looks is also a solid piece of equipment. I really like that! 

I have a mini machine from a different company, which also sits on my desk. I have found this to be useful for any little sentiment dies. But for sure, the Spellbinders machine is fantastic for multiple die cutting. I have been using it now for the last couple of months, and the warping of the plates appears less. I'm not sure if that is down to me using it less or because the plates are so big. I feel I can not comment on that just yet after only a couple of months I will get back to you on that!

Either way, no complaints from me so far. In my opinion the Spellbinders Platinum Cutting Machine appears to be a good investment for me and I can see why I was originally drawn to it after using it at Creativation. 

What I will say to you guys is, don't just run out and buy one if your present cutting machine works perfectly well. But, if you are at the point of purchasing a new cutting machine and you want a machine that has longevity and offers the option for multiple die cutting, and for cutting larger and longer dies, then give this machine some thought. Cutting machines are a considered investment, hopefully I have given you some information to help you in your decision.

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