Friday, January 1, 2021

Welcome 2021!


Hi Guys,
I decided to choose my own favourite nine to depict my year of cards for 2020.
Reason being...2020 was not my most creative year and due to moving home, I did not always have access to my crafting tools as they were in boxes!
When I reflect on 2020, many words come to mind- difficult, scary, exciting, lonely, fun, challenging, lovely, sad, and many more words 🤔
We have missed our family trip home to hug our families. We have lost our dear Sasha. Craig was put on leave because of Covid. We have been unable to mix with friends. I have been unable to do my job looking after seniors mental health in long term care and supported living. I have watched my friends and colleagues cry because we have felt helpless while listening to staff cope. 
But I reflect now on all the amazing things that has happened this last year. We moved house (I have no clue how that all came together in the end!). I got a beautiful new craft room. We have continued to connect with our families. Our families have grown strong and coped amazingly well and they have their health and well-being. My son moved in together with his love and best friend. My daughter has shown strength and courage all the while being a fantastic mum to two of my grand boys. We have reconnected with our dear friends in Scotland. We have been able to connect with my bestie (who I nurse trained with). Molly is still with us. And, we are both healthy. 
O look at my little carting corner of the world and reflect how being creative enables me to switch off from my thoughts, and relax. It's a joy, it's a stress reliever and it enable me to enjoy the gift of giving.
I am grateful to those for you guys who take time to look at my designs, and even take the time to like and comment. Thank you so much for your support, and lets look forward to a more hopeful year of peace, happiness and real hugs!

I wish you a wonderful, uplifting and settled 2021 💗

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