Friday, April 23, 2021

Spring Gnomies from Simon Says Stamp

Hi crafty friends!

The weekend of picking up Otis I was on a crafty binge of stamping gnomes. I received my order from Simon Says Stamp and the Spring Gnomies stamp and die set. I couldn't wait to create, and these are the designs I came up with. The above pic shows the set of postcards I made for some friends whom I haven't seen in the longest time. I hadn't made postcards before but Jennifer McGuire inspired me with a new video she had released the previous week. Heres the LINK. 

The postcards were so fun to make. She has a free download on her website for the back of the postcard and for your convenience click HERE to take you straight to it. 

I really think you will be impressed with how fun they are to make.

Check out my other two designs below, and feel free to copy the design to get you started.


Otis the Rescue Dog


Good morning! 
Let me introduce the new member of our family. This is Otis. He is a rescue from Saving Harbin Dogs and Rescue Friends. He is a 3 1/2 (ish) Maltese Mix. 
Saving Harbin Dogs is a voluntary based organization in Harbin, China that rescues animals from the China meat trade. Their tireless work has saved thousands of animals from terrible pain and cruelty and thank goodness for them! Rescue Friends are a Calgary based organization that partnered up with Harbin to help find loving homes for these lovely animals. Otis journey has been a long one. He was in China for a while, then flew to LA, then transferred to Calgary and placed with a wonderful foster mum Bethany for the last two months. Bethany has done a wonderful job of helping Otis start to trust humans and help him relax. In the last 24 hours this little guy has settled in very quickly, eating, drinking, wanting belly rubs and our little Molly has really perked up, which is a joy to see as we think she missed our lovely Sasha.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Wreath Cards Using Pinkfresh Studio Stamps, Stencils & Dies


Hi crafty friends!
I felt in the mood for pretty when I created these cards! Well, I feel in the mood for pretty most days when I create except when I am going through a cutsie phase :) 
These beauties were created using a wonderful stamps set by Pinkfresh Studio called Known & Loved. I was fortunate enough to pick up the stamp set, matching wreath die and the stencils. Im thrilled stencils are getting popular. I really think it helps especially if you are not so confident with your colouring skills.
I wanted to show a couple of colour combos to show just how different the same wreath can look. 

The above card design is with a soft pink, taupe and green. The sentiment is from my other lovely stamp set also by Pinkfresh Studio called Floral Notes

The card below uses the same Known & Loved stamp set but in navy, pink and blue. I have a shirt that was just this colour, so it inspired me for this one. 

I case you were wondering the large sentiments on both cards were die cut out of glossy gold cardstock.

Well, whatever you are doing this week I hope it is a good one for you!

Friday, April 2, 2021

Gina K Designs Forever Flowers Card Kit


Hi crafty friends!
So in order to obtain the latest Forever Flowers card kit by Gina K,  I stalked her website and put a reminder in my calendar to watch her release video. Apart from the fact, she is a joy to watch, I think Gina's kits are incredible value and the quality is amazing!
Todays slimline cards were created using the kit. The first colour combo is pink and lemon. As it's near Easter I thought these were spring like colours. One of the stamps sets in the kit is a layered floral set, and it really wasn't difficult to layer up. I know some crafters struggle with layering for one reason or another, and I know some stamp sets out there can be difficult. This one certainly isn't complicated, so please try it. I was sure to stamp a few times on each layer with my Gina K inks, and then you get this amazing solid look with no white areas.

The second card below was created using a second stamp set from the kit, which, as a friend suggested, looks like henna designs. Because of the beautiful artwork on this set, I really didn't want to colour it. I wanted the boldness to stand out. I accented the black with gold, and a very subtle background stamping so I did not detract from the main focal image.

I am still learning good photography, so I apologize for the shine reflection on the gold sentiment in the pictures with this card.

Easter is upon us and I hope you guys have a chance to connect with your loved ones.

Take care!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Saving Harbin Dogs

Hi friends,
This is not a typical post but this is my blog and so I am using at least one of my blog posts to highlight a most distressing practice. I am not going to put horrid pictures into this post, because I for one can not even look at them! Also you can read the info below and know I will not be showing you distressing images or detailing horrific accounts that these animals have faced and are facing. Below I have cut and paste a short statement from the Saving Harbin Dogs Website, and should you want to know more and/or want to have more information on how you can help or donate,  here is the LINK 
This is their Facebook page too!


"Saving Harbin Dogs is comprised solely of dedicated volunteers in the US, UK and China who are committed to the rescue of as many meat trade survivors, abandoned and stray dogs as possible in China. Saving Harbin Dogs provides immediate veterinarian care, food, water and shelter, where dogs can heal physically and mentally. We then find them homes outside of China where they will be safe. Saving Harbin Dogs does this with the ultimate goal of ending animal cruelty and the dog meat trade."