Friday, April 23, 2021

Otis the Rescue Dog


Good morning! 
Let me introduce the new member of our family. This is Otis. He is a rescue from Saving Harbin Dogs and Rescue Friends. He is a 3 1/2 (ish) Maltese Mix. 
Saving Harbin Dogs is a voluntary based organization in Harbin, China that rescues animals from the China meat trade. Their tireless work has saved thousands of animals from terrible pain and cruelty and thank goodness for them! Rescue Friends are a Calgary based organization that partnered up with Harbin to help find loving homes for these lovely animals. Otis journey has been a long one. He was in China for a while, then flew to LA, then transferred to Calgary and placed with a wonderful foster mum Bethany for the last two months. Bethany has done a wonderful job of helping Otis start to trust humans and help him relax. In the last 24 hours this little guy has settled in very quickly, eating, drinking, wanting belly rubs and our little Molly has really perked up, which is a joy to see as we think she missed our lovely Sasha.

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