Thursday, April 1, 2021

Saving Harbin Dogs

Hi friends,
This is not a typical post but this is my blog and so I am using at least one of my blog posts to highlight a most distressing practice. I am not going to put horrid pictures into this post, because I for one can not even look at them! Also you can read the info below and know I will not be showing you distressing images or detailing horrific accounts that these animals have faced and are facing. Below I have cut and paste a short statement from the Saving Harbin Dogs Website, and should you want to know more and/or want to have more information on how you can help or donate,  here is the LINK 
This is their Facebook page too!


"Saving Harbin Dogs is comprised solely of dedicated volunteers in the US, UK and China who are committed to the rescue of as many meat trade survivors, abandoned and stray dogs as possible in China. Saving Harbin Dogs provides immediate veterinarian care, food, water and shelter, where dogs can heal physically and mentally. We then find them homes outside of China where they will be safe. Saving Harbin Dogs does this with the ultimate goal of ending animal cruelty and the dog meat trade."

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